Please follow the below steps inorder to download files from S3 bucket 1) yum install s3cmd- Cent OS sudo apt-get install s3cmd – Ubuntu/Debian 2) s3cmd –configure It will ask for Access key & Secret key. Give them and proceed further 3) List all S3 bucket s3cmd ls 4) Download… Continue Reading How to download files from S3 bucket to local machine or server

Sometimes we may run in to troubles when one of our web-server or site is down,We should be able to identify this problem which are likely causing the issues and fix the problem. Please follow the below steps which are the some of the common steps taken by administrators when… Continue Reading How To Troubleshoot When your site is down on a Linux Server

Please find the below steps to monitor the website using status codes. Nagios supports monitoring the website using status coodes and there is a command in /etc/nagios-plugins/config/http.cfg . Example:- We can use a command like below to monitor a URL like define command{ command_name check_https_url command_line /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_http -H… Continue Reading Monitoring website using status codes on Nagios

We got this Error when we upgraded Bugzilla. This is a normal database error as well. When we ran ./, we got this error. After following the below steps we upgraded Bugzilla successfully. 1) First we need to check the database version.mysql –version2) If it is below 5.5 then we… Continue Reading The used table type doesn’t support FULLTEXT indexes

When we enter:, the site redirects to wp-admin ( Please follow the below steps, if you face the above issue. 1) Check whether you are running the standard WordPress .htaccess. Here is the standard for reference: 2) Insert the below code into .htaccess. 3) Go to the browser and… Continue Reading Domain with www. redirects to wp-admin

If during installation of a plugin, WordPress asks for your hostname or FTP details. Then follow these steps:1) Login to your server and navigate to /var/www/html/wordpress/. 2) Open wp-config.php and add this line after define(‘DB_COLLATE’)3) Add the following line – define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);4) If you get “Could not create directory” error.… Continue Reading When you try to install the plugin in wordpress site it asks for FTP credentials

Date: 21-11-2020 Unblocking an IP Address in CSF To find whether an IP address is blocked, please follow below steps.Type ConfigServer Security & Firewall in the WHM search bar and go to that section. Next use the Search for IP button on the ConfigServer Security&Firewall page. Simply enter the IP… Continue Reading How to Manage the CSF Firewall in WHM/cPanel

Please find the below steps in configuring the SMTP Gsuite relay service: 1) Disable 2 factor. You can check the below link to disable the 2factor. 2) Turn on Less secure apps. Please find the below link to turn on. 3) Sign-in to you google admin console using administrator… Continue Reading Mail Configuration using the SMTP Gsuite relay service

Follow the below steps to enable ACME challenge mkdir .well-known unde var/www/ root) mkdir acme-challenge under .well-known create file test.txt under acme-challenge goto /etc/nginx/sites-avaialble/ and add the below lines You can see the example below.