Cpanel Moodle migration to Bitnami moodle stack Date Posted: 17-09-2018 Cpanel Moodle : Take backup of moodledata and moodle files at cpanel server Take database dump of moodle instance using phpmyadmin or commandline Transfer files to new server Bitnami Moodle Stack Server: You can start generating backups for existing account… Continue Reading Cpanel Moodle migration to Bitnami moodle stack

Posted Date:20-07-2017 In this post we will explain moving wordpress media to amazon cloudfront and S3. step 1: Install the following plugins on wordpress. step 2: To configure Amazon Web Services account here and create the new user in aws console. step 3: To create the aws s3 bucket… Continue Reading Moving WordPress Media To Amazon CloudFront and S3

Ansible automation – Logging user-data script output for EC2 Date Posted: 06-10-2017 When you write ansible playbooks, you may want to log the user_data output of EC2 instance launch. To achieve this, add these below codes at the top of your script vi #!/bin/bash -e exec > >(tee /var/log/user-data.log|logger… Continue Reading Ansible automation – Logging user-data script output for EC2

Date Posted: EFS is a aws service which is similar to NFS service where we can add a single disk across multiple servers. The advantage of using EFS is we dont have to worry about data storage. Limitation: EFS has a limited to few regions as of now and it… Continue Reading Working with EFS (Elastic File System)

Date Posted:28-01-2017 In the modern era, deploying the code on the multiple server is a challenging one. In classic, people normally use FTP/SFTP to upload the files and restart application. In this article, we are gonna explain how to use code deploy aws service to deploy the code on aws… Continue Reading Setup AWS codedeploy on Linux

Nginx is the fastest webserver when compared to Apache. In this post, we are gonna explain on how to secure your website using SSL certificate on ubuntu 16.04. Assumption: Ubuntu 16.04 Nginx webserver. If nginx is not installed, please follow the post to install nginx You must have private key,… Continue Reading Install SSL Certificate on Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3. Mount a s3 bucket as a local file system to read/write. Since the bucket is mounted as a local file system, the  write/read operation is faster than when we read the file from s3 bucket directly. Install Dependencies: yum install gcc libstdc++-devel gcc-c++… Continue Reading S3Fs installation