Please find the below steps in configuring the SMTP Gsuite relay service: 1) Disable 2 factor. You can check the below link to disable the 2factor. 2) Turn on Less secure apps. Please find the below link to turn on. 3) Sign-in to you google admin console using administrator… Continue Reading Mail Configuration using the SMTP Gsuite relay service

HOW TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE MAIL QUEUE IN MANUAL WAY DATE: 29/01/2019 Execution steps to remove the entire mail queue in a manual way. The manual way to remove the entire queue is as follows Step 1: Change directory to spool Execute the following command line in your terminal Step… Continue Reading HOW TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE MAIL QUEUE IN MANUAL WAY

Detect top 10 spammers in exim Eximstats is a useful command to find spamming in the cpanel server. Execute the following command in your terminal. Exim stats can detect top 10 spammers easily via the number of emails sent out. /usr/sbin/eximstats -t10 /var/log/exim_mainlog > teststats The stats output will be… Continue Reading Exim detect top 10 spammers