How to access MySQL database via Dream weaver?

I am using cPanel for my domain. How to configure Dream-weaver to access MySQL database via FTP.

Kindly follow the steps below to enable “Remote MySQL” connection.
1. Login to your cPanel
2. Go to Database
3. Select on “Remote MySQL”
4. Enter the “Host name”
Note: Host name should be ipaddress or DOMAINNAME.COM. (e.g. if the IP address is then enter 203.56.23.% or You can find the IP address of your local machine from “”
Now try to connect your DreamWeaver. Follow the steps below.
Open MySql-Front and follow the instructions below:
1. File > Connection
2. Click New
3. Enter the name of the connection (e,g, domain name)
4. Go to the “Connection” tab
5. Enter the Hostname
6. Go to the “Login” tab
7. Enter your Username and Password (Optional: select save password)
Note: You should be able to click on the icon for “Database” and find the one you are looking for, or enter this information. However this is optional and should work without this. Once you’ve entered the required information press “OK” and you should connect and see your MySQL tables.
Site Setup:
1. Open the site manager
2. Go to “Testing Server”
3. Server Model = “PHP MySQL”
4. Access = “FTP”
5. FTP Host =
6. Host Directory = Folder where the site is (e.g. public_html, public_html/dir)
7. Login = Username for the domain (not the MySQL username)
8. Password = Password for the domain (not the MySQL username)
9. !Important URL Prefix = Domain name (e.g.
Note: If you have a .htaccess file on the part of your server you have set as the “HTTP Address” you will need to disable it in order for Dreamweaver to access that address.
Database Setup:
1. Go to the “Application” section and go to “Databases” (Window > Databases)
2. Click the “+” followed by “MySQL Connection”
3. Enter the name of the connection (e.g. domain name)
4. For MySQL server enter “localhost” (without the quotes)
5. Enter the Username and Password
6. For “Database” enter the Table Name you want to connect to
7. Press “OK”
After the setup, if you are receive ‘An unidentified error has occurred’ error when attempting to connect to your database, or other troubles when connecting, follow these steps:
1. Open your ftp program
2. Go into the root folder of your site (the “Host directory” set in dreamweaver)
3. Look for a folder named _mmServerScripts
If it’s there
1. Delete _mmServerScripts
2. Attempt to connect with dreamweaver again
3. Dreamweaver should now create the new directory and it’s contents
If it’s not there
1. Create _mmServerScripts directory
2. Go to your dreamweaver install directory and then Configuration\Connections\Scripts\PHP_MySQL\_mmDBS cripts
3. Upload MMHTTPDB.php and mysql.php to the _mmServerScripts directory on your server

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