1) First go to SES in AWS and create SMTP credentials.

2) You will get the SMTP username and password. Download and save it.

3) Go to email address and click on verify email address and verify it. If you want to use the already verified email address you can use it.

4) Go to wordpress and follow the below steps.

a) You can activate and test the “WP Mail SMTP” plugin from the WordPress administration page as follows:

b) Log in to the WordPress administration panel.

c) Navigate to “Plugins” and click the “Activate” option for the “WP-Mail-SMTP” plugin. If you are not having the plugin you can download it.

d) Install WP MAIL SMTP and activate it.

e) Go to the “Settings -> WP Mail SMTP” panel and the “Settings” tab to configure the SMTP settings of your email provider. Select “Other SMTP” as the mailer.

If you are using a different provider, remember to replace these values with the valid data for your SMTP provider.

Click “Save Settings” to save the changes.

f) Send a test email using the “Email Test” tab to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

In word press go to WP MAIL SMTP–>Email test and under that give some email id and test it. If you get the email then it is successful.

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