How to enable/Disable cPanel webmail interface for a user account or in server.

Customer wants to enable only the HORDE webmail interface for his domain and disable the rest. Usually there are three (3) webmail clients (horde, squirrel mail, roundcube). However, I was advised to make sure that a specific customer does not see more than one specified. I enabled “AUTOLOAD” option in the webmail interface but he is not satisfied. He came back asking to allow only HORDE interface for his webmail. How should i do that?

Solution: Consider my domain name is “” and my account name is “hemanth“. Now follow the steps below.


This option for that particular user account:
1) SSH to your server
2) Go to “cd /var/cpanel/users/”
3) vi hemanth
4) Paste the following lines

Note: The option 0 is enable and 1 is disable. in above line only HORDE is enabled in the webmail and Roundcube and squirrel  is disabled.
5) Then restart the cpanel service
/etc/init.d/cpanel restart
Now login to your webmail and check for the option.
This will change the server wide for all the domains in the server:
1) Login to your WHM
2) Go to “Server Configuration”
3) Click on “Tweak Settings”
4) Select mail option.
5) Turn off “Round Cube and Squirrel”
6) Save it.


Kindly post your comments if you have any issue.

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