How to Install Cmake on form source Linux.

Date : 22/05/2019

Introduction :

If you want to install cmake in system packages manager please follow this blog how-to-install-cmake-on-linux and also known about cmake option.

Prerequisite :

  1. Before install, to check the lastest version of the cmake click here and take copy of it.
  2. Linux operating system.

To Uninstall cmake, use by following command, it will remove the cmake  package and other dependent packages.

sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove cmake


1. Then to Install cmake form source 1st goto the directory to get install and paste the current version of cmake with the command wget.

cd /root

2. After that extract the files of cmake by the following command and goto that directory.

tar -xzf cmake-3.14.4.tar.gz
cd  cmake-3.14.4

3. Then just type the following line in that directory


It takes several minutes to complete it and you able to see this line ” Now run make”.

4. After that Run the make command, it too takes several minutes to complete.


5. Once make command is completed then run the following command. To Install cmake.

make install

Finally cmake option is installed.

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