How to install multiple PHP versions on VestaCP for centOS.

Date: 31-03-2020

Hello! Usually PHP selector is not officially supported by VestaCP. We should run the script with our own risk.

Let us see how to install multiple versions of PHP on VestaCP. Here we have taken centOS server as an example.

Step 1:

Go to the path where you want to clone the github , preferrably in the path /opt

Ex. cd /opt

Step 2:

Clone the github in the chosen path using the below command.

git clone

Step 3:

A new folder will be created with the name sk-php-selector.

Step 4:

Go the the newly created folder(sk-php-selector) and run the following command with your required version.

bash php72

Step 5:

To select php 7.2 as your current php version from the multiple versions installed, do the following.

Login to vestacp >> Web >> >> Edit >> under Template >> select "sk-php72" >> Save

Step 6:

Now check the php info from your website.

It should show PHP 7.2 version.

Thank you!!!

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