How to setup animation in android

Date : 20/06/2019


Animation in android application are used to remove raw motions in android. However without an animation there can’t be good user experience so, we used. As a simple you can write an animation in XML file and use in your layout XML file.

An animation resource can define one of two types of animations:

Property Animation

Then creates an animation by modifying an object’s property values over a set period of time with an Animator.

View Animation
There is two types in this framework.

Tween animation : Creates animation by performing series of transformation in a single image with animation.

Frame animation : Creates animation by showing sequence of images with animationdrawable.

Here i will only explain briefly about view animator. Then required elements in view animator are explain a little.



Container that holds animation elements. You can specify <set> inside a <set> as nested.


A fade-in or fade-out animation. 

android:fromAlpha. Starting opacity offset, where 0.0 is transparent and 1.0 is opaque

android:toAlpha. Ending opacity offset, where 0.0 is transparent and 1.0 is opaque.


Performs an animation over a specified amount of time.


A vertical and/or horizontal motion.

Supports the attributes are in this three formats:

values from -100 to 100 ending with “%”, indicating a percentage relative to itself.

values from -100 to 100 ending in “%p”, indicating a percentage relative to its parent; a float value with no suffix, indicating an absolute value.


Step 1 : Here is a simple animation XML file which animate from right to left in view for the period mentioned in duration filed.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<set xmlns:android=""

        android:toXDelta="0" />

        android:toAlpha="1" />


Step 2 : Basically you need to create XML file with layoutAnimation container in your another XML file.

file name with layout_animation_right_to_left.xml is :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    xmlns:android=""    android:layout_width="match_parent"


Step 3 : After that, the implementation of animation in your java should be like the following

final LayoutAnimationController controller =
        AnimationUtils.loadLayoutAnimation(context, R.anim.layout_animation_right_to_left);

With the LayoutAnimationController object, you have set it to whatever view you want to animate.

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