How to start a cPanel scheduled backup job manually

Date posted: 18/09/2019


If you own cPanel server and tried to enable backup using WHM. When you manually run backups from command line, you will get the below errors.

[root@hosting1 ~]# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup
[cpbackup] Backup Not Enabled (This can be adjusted in WHM => Backup => Legacy Backup Configuration)

We’re gonna explain how to solve the issue.


Even though the settings are correctly set in WHM. In the commandline it will say its not enabled.

To resolve that we need to forcefully run the backups using –force

$ /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup --force
[2019-09-18 07:44:46 +0000] info [backup] Started at Wed Sep 18 07:44:46 2019
[2019-09-18 07:44:46 +0000] info [backup] The backup is now running in the background in process 19601.
[2019-09-18 07:44:46 +0000] info [backup] The backup process’s log file is “/usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup/1568792686.log”.

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