How to Install Cmake on form source Linux. Date : 22/05/2019 Introduction : If you want to install cmake in system packages manager please follow this blog how-to-install-cmake-on-linux and also known about cmake option. Prerequisite : Before install, to check the lastest version of the cmake click here and take… Continue Reading How to Install Cmake form source on Linux.

HOW TO VALIDATE  EMAIL ID IN JAVASCRIPT. Date : 23/05/2019 INTRODUCTION: In this article, to clarify how to validate email id in javascript, so that we are going to use the sane-email-validation. VALIDATE USING isEmail(): On the other hand, using Email() function in javascript will check your email id is… Continue Reading HOW TO VALIDATE EMAIL ID IN JAVASCRIPT.

Installation Guide – Openvz setup in centos 6 Date Posted: 22/ 05/2019 Introduction This article will guide you in installation of openvz on centos 6. OpenVZ is an OS level virtualization technology for Linux. Most importantly, it allows a physical server to run multiple operating systems on it. Prior –… Continue Reading Installation Guide – Openvz setup in centos 6

How to implement Recycler view in android Date 16/05/2019 Overview In recyclerview, several component work together to bind the data in the user interface. The main container is the recylerview component in layout file. The single view holder are represented by the views implemented in recyclerview. Then the onBindViewHolder will… Continue Reading How to implement Recycler view in android

How to Install Cmake on Linux. Date : 15/05/2019 Introduction : The “cmake” executable is the CMake command-line interface. It is used to configure projects in scripts. CMake is a cross-platform build system generator. Projects specify their build process with platform-independent CMake list files included in each directory of a source tree with the name… Continue Reading How to Install Cmake on Linux.

Bootstrap – Modals Date posted: 16/05/2019 Introduction Modal component is used to display popup window on the current page. which is used to provide important information to the user Button or a link is used to trigger the modal window. Example of BS3 code: Output: Thanks for using pheonix solutions. You… Continue Reading Bootstrap – Modals

How to Install single node OpenStack on CentOS 7.6 Date posted : 15/05/2019 OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform which provides IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) for public and private clouds. OpenStack platform consists of several inter-related projects that control hardware, storage, networking resources of a datacenter, such as: Compute, Image… Continue Reading How to Install single node OpenStack on CentOS 7.6

PYTHON JSON: ENCODE AND DCODE Date posted :16/05/2019 What is json: JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It may be a string or text format. JSON is similar to python dictionary. Python has a inbuilt library for JSON. syntax of JSON: Encoding: Converting python data into JSON is called encoding. dump() method used to… Continue Reading PYTHON JSON: ENCODE AND DCODE

How to Install Go on CentOS – 7 Date Posted: 15/05/2019 Introduction Go, often referred to as golang is a ultra modern open source programming language created by Google. In day today life, many popular applications such as , Docker, Kubernetes and Hugo, are written in Go language. In this… Continue Reading How to Install Go on CentOS-7

MONGODB BASIC OPERATIONS Date posted :11/05/2019 INTRODUCTION: In this tutorial we are going to see about mongodb basic operations. 1)Start mongodb in port The following command used to start the mongodb with the port(27017). 2)Stop mongodb To stop the mongo services the following command used to stop the mongo services.… Continue Reading MONGODB BASIC OPERATIONS