1. Using temporary URL. ———–———– But checking sites using this method has some limitations. Often sites won’t bedisplayed properly & sometimes database connection won’t be established. 2. Using temporary DNS We recommend this method as it is the best way to check your sites. To check whether your sites… Continue Reading Check the domain propagation via temporary URL and DNS method

You can download in any ways. I used ftp download– Syntax: wget -r ftp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@IPADDRESS/.rvsitebuilder– wget -r ftp://hemanth:qweqwe@– All the rvsitebuilder files will be downloaded.

How to check if the SSL port is working or not openssl s_client -quiet -connect mail.thespirals.com:465 openssl s_client -quiet -connect mail.thespirals.com:993 openssl s_client -quiet -connect mail.thespirals.com:995

Do you want blind CC all incoming and outgoing emails from any domain to user@domain.com account? If that is the case, then I can tell you how to do it on a per domain basis: 1. To create a blind carbon copy, go to /etc/ and create a new file:… Continue Reading cPanel + exim + Forward outgoing mail to another mail

There is no mention of cleaning up the Exim db, not on the cPanel site or in any of their documentation. Most of you, like it did, will find lots and lots of junk e-mail messages sitting around in your Exim db that cannot be delivered to the recipient for… Continue Reading exim_tidyb

To get rid of spam on your Qmail mail server: Make sure that all domains have the Mail to nonexistent user option set to Reject.This option is available since Parallels Plesk Panel 7.5.3 and can be changed for all the domains using group operations: select the domains, click Modify Selected,… Continue Reading qmail – how to detect spamming in qmail.

/usr/sbin/passwd_appl_admin ensim-python -c “import sys;sys.path.append(\”/usr/lib/opcenter/mysql\”);import mysqlbe;print mysqlbe.read_mysqlpass()”–> to get the root password python ensim-installer.py –adminname=Admin –adminpasswd=password –adminemail=msisupport@domain.com –email=msisupport@domain.com –key=our actual key –updater=YUM /var/log/ensim

> Due to Very Aggressive Spam Settings for the mail account. > Login to Hsphere(user) –> Mail Info –> Mail Manager –> Select domain — > Select Mail account(which gives bounce message) Edit Spam Settings.

?. I want to redirect http://example.com to http://example.com/kb without URL changing to http://example.com/kb. Resolution:““““““““This can be done by frame forwarding. Add the below given code to index page and make necessary changes.~~~~~~~~~~~~