Sometimes, you may forgot the SSH port of the server. You can reset the SSH port to default one by doing the following steps. 1)Open the browser. 2) Enter the following URL in the browser, http://serverip:2086/scripts2/doautofixer?autofix=safesshrestart That’s it. Now, you are able to login the server by using default SSH… Continue Reading RESET SSH PORT TO DEFAULT PORT THROUGH WHM

The following script is used to scan the server for viruses present in the server by using clamscan. Note that you will need install clamscan. This script will send an email to you after completion of the scan. Mention your mail address in EMAIL_ line. —————————————- #!/bin/bash EMAIL_=Your email address… Continue Reading script for scanning the server by using clamscan : CRON

Sometimes we will get the following error when we triedto access the Plesk control panel.ERROR: PleskMainDBExceptionMySQL query failed:Incorrect information in file: ‘./psa/misc.frm’0: common_func.php3:168db_query(string ‘select param, val from misc’)1: common_func.php3:587get_param(string ‘mysql41_compatible’)2: common_func.php3:484db_set_names()3: common_func.php3:463db_connect_real(string ‘localhost’, string ‘admin’,string ‘*************’, ‘psa’)4: common_func.php3:443db_connect()5: auth.php3:90Even a restart of the plesk service will not work:# /etc/init.d/psa restartUnable… Continue Reading MySQL query failed: Incorrect information in file: ‘./psa/misc.frm’

The following commands are frequently used in the server management. du -sch*—-used to show the disk usage of the files and directory in the current directory. time telnet IP 25 —>shows the response time to execute the command

Downgrade PHP 5.3 to 5.2 in centos 6 CentOS 6 is the latest release of centOS organization. The centos 6 normally comes with php 5.3. There are some issues with php 5.3 in the centOS 6. Some of us like to downgrade the centOS PHP version from 5.3 to 5.2.… Continue Reading Downgrade PHP 5.3 to 5.2 in centos 6

Sometimes if we access any website from our server, the browser will go to the default website of plesk. Here is the possible reason for this problem.. 1. Check the file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf for conf.d sections by using grep command. ————————[root@one-res3 ~]# grep conf.d /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.confInclude conf.d/*.conf[root@one-res3 ~]#———————— Check whether “Include conf.d/*.conf”… Continue Reading All the plesk websites are loading default webpage

Some times, when we open a horde we will get the following error “Unable to get quota” in the horde page with some yellow colour and you will not any error in the horde error log too. You can do the following procedure to fix the issue. 1. Options–> Mailbox… Continue Reading Horde Error: Unable to get quota

If you see any error like this in your apache then you can do the following procedure to fix the issue. for semid in `ipcs -s | grep apachec | cut -f2 -d” “`; do ipcrm -s $semid; done ipcs -l vi /et/sysctl.conf kernel.msgmni = 1024 kernel.sem = 250 256000… Continue Reading No space left on device: Couldn’t create accept lock