Hello, I have huge database for my website. Almost all the database has corrupted. I wasn’t able to connect my website properly neither i was able to fix it manually. Can any one help me to fix the issue???Solution: If your MySQL table is corrupted or damaged, then just follow… Continue Reading MySQL table repair

These are the important cPanel log files cPanel enabled Server’s Log file location cPanel: /usr/local/cpanel/logs directory access_log – cPanel access log for both cPanel and WHMerror_log – cPanel error loglicense_log – cPanel license loglogin_log – cPanel user login logmelange.log – cPanel chat server logmelange_msg.log – cPanel chat server message logstats_log… Continue Reading cPanel Log files

Hello, I’m working in a web-hosting company. Our company prefers cPanel for the customers to manage their websites. We do provide the tech support for them. Im new to the cPanel and I like to know backend file location of all the services.How to find the cPanel back end file… Continue Reading cPanel backend files and paths