I have moved my domain to new hosting company. I used RVsitebuilder to create my domain in my old hosting provider. After the migration, my domain gives me lot of errors saying that “unable to fetch the file from RVsitebuilder”. I need to download the project from my old server. Can any one help me to fix the issue?


*Old server details*
Domain:       hemanthworld.com
Username:   hemanth
Password:   qweqwe
IP address:
CP:              cPanel

*New server details*
Domain:       hemanthworld.com
Username:   hemanth
Password:   123123
IP address:
CP:              Cpanel

1) Login to your server backend.

2) Go to the home directory of your domain.
   – my home dir is /home/hemanth/

3) Now download your RVsitebuilder project from the old server.
   – You can download in any ways. I used ftp download
   – Syntax: wget -r ftp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@IPADDRESS/.rvsitebuilder
   – wget -r ftp://hemanth:qweqwe@
   – All the rvsitebuilder files will be downloaded.

4) Check the Rvsitebuilder location.
   – /home/hemanth/.rvsitebuilder

5) You can verify the available projects in WHM.
   – Go to WHM > Plugins >> RVsitebuilder >>> Recovering Project user list
   – We can see username hemanth > 5asd5a65a65ad2a2a6 (This means your RVsitebuilder project is available)
   – In case, if its not listed here. Then check the ownership of the directory and files of .rvsitebuilder
6) Now login to your cPanel

7) Go to RVsitebuilder

8) You can see pending projects list.

9) Just select all the projects and click OK

10) Finish, Now your your project is imported.

Note: In case if you have made the domain to be addon domain in the new hosting provider, then import the project in RVsitebuilder and edit the path in that. This will fix the issue.

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