Please find the below steps in configuring the SMTP Gsuite relay service: 1) Disable 2 factor. You can check the below link to disable the 2factor. 2) Turn on Less secure apps. Please find the below link to turn on. 3) Sign-in to you google admin console using administrator… Continue Reading Mail Configuration using the SMTP Gsuite relay service

BCC to all emails in exim cPanel|Copy all outgoing emails on exim Date posted: 14-02-2018 In this post, we will explain how to keep all outgoing Emails to particular mail account. Note that the email box which we will be setup will receive all the mails irrespective of to address.… Continue Reading BCC to all emails in exim cPanel|Copy all outgoing emails on exim

For detailed troubleshooting on Spamming issue in cPanel servers, refer the following link. In this post, we have provided the script to identify accounts that is senting more mails in a day. ============== awk -v dt=$(date +”%Y-%m-%d” –date “$(date +”%F %T”) 1 days ago”) ‘$1~dt && $0~/ [UA]=/ &&  $0!~/U=(mailnull)/… Continue Reading Identfy spamming accounts in cPanel servers 4.x is a lot more configurable and hence there is more detail to add… These entries are normally added to the acl_rcpt ACL in the exim.conf file. The default/example exim configuration should contain an example similar to these. To deny access, using a normal DNSBL with TXT records. deny… Continue Reading configure exim + sorbs RBL blacklist