Date Posted : 21/12/2018 How to migrate Cpanel Moodle to Bitnami stack In this article, we’re going to explain about migrating a cpanel moodle site to bitnami stack Prerequisites We assume you have bitnami application up and runningCpanel backup files and database copied to bitnami server Backup Existing Data from… Continue Reading cPanel Moodle migration to Bitnami stack

Cpanel Moodle migration to Bitnami moodle stack Date Posted: 17-09-2018 Cpanel Moodle : Take backup of moodledata and moodle files at cpanel server Take database dump of moodle instance using phpmyadmin or commandline Transfer files to new server Bitnami Moodle Stack Server: You can start generating backups for existing account… Continue Reading Cpanel Moodle migration to Bitnami moodle stack